Our network is separate from those operated by mobile phone providers, so we cannot provide cell phone service; however, any phone with built in Wi-Fi Calling can utilize a network connection to make more stable calls.

This means your phone service could be improved when making calls using the Wi-Fi Calling feature while connected to your Aristata wireless network at your home or business. We also offer Voice phone service for your home or business, which is similar to a landline phone but uses the Internet connection to place calls.

If you are experiencing issues with your cell phone and Wi-Fi Calling doesn’t help stabilize your connection, please contact your cellular service provider for help.

Aristata Communications
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Aristata Communications

Additional Information

  • Aristata Communications Voice included
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling to the US and Canada
  • Over 35+ calling features, like voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding
  • Add a second line for $29.95* per month
* Pricing does not include taxes. surcharges, and fees, which are subject to change